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Hello and welcome to my website, thank you so much for finding me. I will be updating my site regularly with posts on things to read, thoughts, ideas and information for you from a therapist's perspective.    Whether care of mental health and the process of therapy new to you or you are interested and […]
Book Review – Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb
'Maybe You Should Talk To Someone' is an irresistable, honest, candid and easy-to-read memoir by Lori Gottlieb of her Californian psychotherapy practice from the perspective of clinician and simultaneously as a client. The book shares a cross section of client stories from a terminally ill cancer victim to a women wishing to take her own […]
How To….. Have A More Conscious Committed Relationship
By understanding your partner more (easier said than done) "A conscious relationship is one in which people are awake to themselves, their feelings and thoughts and are open to the flow of love and attention with one another" G&K Hendricks - Co-Committed.    Your Partner Doesn't Have To Be Your Best Friend It's such a […]
How To….Avoid Common Pitfalls in Conscious Committed Relationships & Marriage
"Now the wedding is over the marriage begins".  A priest at a wedding I attended once. Such a powerful statement that  struck a chord, so much attention gets poured into the coming together of two people (I refer to marriage here but I also include close, conscious committed relationships of all forms) that it's understandable […]

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